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Advantages Of Marble, Ceramic & Glass Tiles

Tiles are a great way to get that new look for your kitchen or bathroom. New bathroom tiles or kitchen wall tiles can be used to give even the most dreary rooms in your home some much needed revitalisation. You can get so many types of different tile fabrics available, each of which can be used to get different effects around the home. The trick is to work out the benefits of the different tile fabrics as well as the cost, so then you can find the best bathroom tiles for your house.

Ceramic tiles typically come either glazed or unglazed. Ceramic floor tiles are in most cases the simplest type of tile to cut and drill because they are not as hard as natural stone and porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles sometimes work well on floors and walls but are probably most suited as kitchen wall tiles.

Stainless steel tiles may not sound very exciting but you can achieve some great effects with them. Stainless steel is very tough and will not crack, rust or fade as they get older and they are also relatively simple to fix using sticky backing pads. They are typically used as splash back kitchen wall tiles, that surround hobs and cooking apperatus. Stainless steel tiles are mostly used in the petrochemical and food and catering industries or places where a high standard of hygiene is required.

Glass tiles have become increasingly popular recently but these are perhaps the most difficult tiles to use. In most cases you should follow the manufacturers guidelines of how to cut and lay these tiles. You can cut glass tiles by using either an angle grinder, some flatbed tile cutters or some nibblers. However all of these require a special glass blade and once the floor tiles have been cut they must be smoothed down with a carborundum stone.

Natural stone tiles are great tiles to use on a floor. The reason for this is because they are sturdy and can take a lot of abuse as well as being easy to take care of. Limestone or marble tiles are great for floors and they come with either a polished or honed look to them, depending on whether or not you want a shiny or matt look to the floor. Laying natural stone tiles can be a tricky process so you may want to ask for some help from the professionals. When you are trying to cut stone tiles such as marble tiles, it is recommended that you should always use an angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel.





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