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Advice On Bathroom Decor

Updating a few bathroom accessories is a quick and inexpensive way to give a bathroom universal functionality and a

new look. The updates can be as simple as changing cabinet knobs to installing grab bars. A home’s bathroom functionality should be fluid, besides serving members of the household; it should be being able to serve houseguests of all ages and all stations in life. When considering a bathroom update, take into consideration the different people that may frequent this important room. Setting the bathroom up for universal function can be a considerate way to impress guests, add the value to the house, and make a new fashion statement with new bathroom accessories.

Bath Design

There are many different bathroom accessories that can be changed to make a bathroom user friendly. Start with the first bathroom accessory that a bathroom user comes across, the doorknob. For a person with joint problems such as arthritis, the doorknob is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Replacing the doorknob with a door handle level allows easy entry into the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, consider changing the flooring. Besides using rugs with slip proof backing, consider installing slip resistant flooring. These tiles when wet are safe and can help prevent accidents from occurring. The simple addition of grab bars around the tub, toilet, and shower can serve to assist people that are unsteady on their feet. When not in use, they can also double as other bathroom accessories such as towel holders.

Bathroom Accessories

Faucets are another group of bathroom accessories that can be changed out for a more universal use. Using single level faucet, shower and bath tub handles work better for people who have limited mobility in their wrist. Single level handles are easier to turn. Replace old shower valves with new anti-scald and pressure controlled valves.

Bathroom Accessories Online

Replace old cabinet pulls and knobs with cabinet handles. The handles are easier to grip; this lets users open drawers and cabinets easily. Light switches are sometimes over looked as bathroom accessories. A normal light switch is difficult to turn on by a person who has no finger function therefore replace them with a rocker type switch makes them easier to use.
Universal bathroom accessories are not only practical increasing the bathrooms functionality; they can also be attractive and fashionable. Installing universal accessories increase the home’s resale value. Not only do the new accessories serve current guests, but these small changes can serve as an investment in the future. As people age longer at home, the need to have bathrooms that allow them to live longer in their homes by adding bathroom accessories that work with diminishing dexterity, mobility and strength that accompany the aging process.




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