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Bright And Even Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an inexpensive way to make the bathroom shine. Well placed vanity lights and the creative use of other

residential lighting fixtures can turn a bathroom from just a functional space to a room with flair and comfort.

If you're considering renovating your bathroom, then don't do a thing until you read this article. We've got some valuable advice and tips to make bathroom lighting simple and beautiful.

recessed lighting
Before you start designing your bathroom, have a good look at what you already have. Closely examine the floor, walls, fixtures and fittings, water outlets, electrical connections and existing lighting.

You should also consider your unique needs. Do you require extra lighting to put on your makeup? Do you want dimmer lights? And, how much natural lighting is available to you. When it comes to residential lighting, the possibilities are endless.

Forget about having just one boring, oblong light along the top of the mirror that casts ugly shadows everywhere. Unusual light sources like wall sconces, skylights, lamps, and vanity lights provide a personal touch.

Most people begin their bathroom remodeling plan by focusing on the light fixtures around the counter and mirror. You'll want bright, even light that allows you to see clearly while shaving or applying makeup, but light that doesn't give you dark, harsh shadows.

ceiling lights
Fixtures like wall sconces should be located on each side of the mirror and set at eye level to be most effective. Theatrical-style lighting stripped along the sides and across the top of the mirror also do a good job.

Lighting fixtures and finishes must complement, rather than compete with plumbing accessories, tile, paint and wallpaper. For example, if the existing pendant lights have a nickel finish, then don't choose new lighting fixtures with a chrome or brass finish. You want a pulled together look where all of the accessories and fixtures complement each other.

Bulb selection is as important as choosing and placing the right fixture. For lighting vanity areas, try colored or coated bulbs designed to enhance facial features. Look for bath fixtures that light down so the heat dissipates easier from the sockets and creates a longer life for all bulbs.

Recessed or canned lighting, however, is not the most ideal as a bathroom's main or only lighting source, as it casts shadows across the face. Fixtures equipped with incandescent bulbs behind glass or plastic diffusers provide the most flattering light. If you opt for more energy-efficient fluorescents, then choose warm white tones. They come closest to the color of incandescent bulbs. Use frosted bulbs to reduce glare.

wrought iron chandeliers
The trends in bathroom lighting continue to become more unique and contemporary. Instead of traditional bulb coverings, go exotic with contemporary chandeliers, hanging lamps in colors that complement the tiling, or even unusual track or fiber optic lighting.

Residential lighting doesn't have to be flat and boring anymore. Aim for a coordinated look and you'll have a room that is functional and fabulous.




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