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Buying Bathroom Tiles

Bathing rooms can look really great with tiles. You can express yourself with them or select cleverly to create a certain

effect. Vivid colours can show character whereas neutral tones can make a room look larger. Conversely, dark colours can make a room look smaller.

For any bathing room, you will have to make sure that the bathroom tiles you choose for the wall and worktops are resistant to water. Floor tiles will need to have this property, and the added property of being tough because people will be regularly walking on them. In addition, with floor tiles, make sure they are not too smooth because people can easily slip on them.

Glazed tiles offer the most choice of colour and styles. They are available as small or large tiles. Large tiles will cover your wall more quickly but small tiles will give a feeling of more space. Something to watch with glazed tiles is that they are vulnerable to wearing and then the colour will be lost because it doesn’t go right through.

You can use quarry tiles for the bathroom but make sure that they are sealed to protect them from moisture.

If you're getting a professional in to tile your bathroom, you could possibly leave the tile choice to them after providing them with guidance on colour and size, however you will need to have final consent before they go ahead.

You can create effects with the shade of the grout too. Contrasting colours are very eye-catching, whereas a similar colour will blend in and give the effect of a continuous surface. The choice is yours exactly what look you wish to try and achieve.

You will also need to make sure that the glue you buy to fix your tiles in place is waterproof, otherwise your tiles will probably fall off. If you would like advice, ask the people you are purchasing your tiles from. They will probably sell glue too anyway.

It is important to make sure that you don’t use grout to seal the gap between the bathtub and the wall because it can crack and then lose the waterproofing effect. A silicon sealant is the best option and these are commonly available.

Whatever bathroom tiles you go for, make sure they are ones that will match your current and future needs.

Tiles can help you create a great bathroom – one you will be content to spend time in.




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