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Ceiling and Floor Painting Basics

CEILINGS AND FLOORS are the largest surface areas found in a room and the least paid attention to!

It is time to pay attention to these areas. Decorative Fainting Techniques for Walls, Floors, Ceilings & Furniture demonstrates many different techniques that will allow some justice to be brought to the oftentimes overlooked yet wonderful blank can vases that a ceiling and a floor can be.

The "More" demonstrations are intend ed to round off the repertoire of painted techniques of some other commonly overlooked surfaces that are indeed integral to the overall look and feel of a room:



Doors, windows, woodwork, and yes, even the refrigerator, can all become part of the design scheme.

Do not be shy about painting your ceiling or floor with any one of these techniques; keep in mind it is only paint. When a ceiling is painted with one of the simple techniques found in this book or merely painted in a wonderful and maybe even an unexpected color, the ceiling becomes a wonderful “lid,” the finishing touch that caps off your entire room, a room that you have worked very hard on making beautiful.

Painting a floor likewise supports the overall design elements of the room and it is truly wonderful to discover that a floor has been asked to take part in the room’s design. Imagine bubbles peeking out from underneath a plain or fanciful rug.

Painting floors can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to nudge that floor into a few more years of service and allows for your unique creative expression to take place.


Whenever you set forth to apply a painted finish, do so with confidence, wonder, and enjoyment and your work will look beautiful.

The demonstrations you find here are meant to employ and rely upon the philosophy of “The Economy of The Artist,” which simply means: use the most efficient number of steps to arrive at your intended result. This concept is one that should be applied when painting the large surfaces of ceilings and floors; after all, painting these areas does take a bit of physical exertion due to their size and you really do not need to spend any more time than necessary to accomplish your creation.

Did you know that keeping your arms extended above your head for 20 minutes is equal to 1 hour of cardiovascular aerobic exercise It is according to some, so you will also be getting the benefits of a great workout!

Enjoy the journey into the lesser- known areas of painting ceilings, floors, and more!




Every time an artist, a craftsperson, or a do-it-yourselfer starts a project, the aim is the same: SUCCESS. There is a secret to achieving that--always start at Step Zero.

Starting at Step Zero means reading all pertinent introductory sections and then reading through the project instructions before starting to paint. We suggest you buy high-quality equipment for the best project outcome. Being fully prepared by equipping yourself with knowledge and proper tools and materials helps you create the great finish you want.





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