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"Berry Baskets" Common Things With Uncommon Uses

1. Orchid planter. Line a plastic mesh basket with sphagnum moss, add a little potting soil, plant an orchid, and hang with monofilament thread or yarn.

2. Plant protector. Invert a basket and secure it firmly over small seed lings and plants to protect them from rabbits and squirrels.

3. Bulb cage.
To foil rodents, set a mesh basket in a garden bed at the correct depth, place bulbs inside, and cover with soil.
4. Easter basket.
Attach a pipe cleaner for a handle and fill with shredded paper “grass.”
5. Bow saver.
When mailing a gift, protect the bow with an inverted basket.
6. String dispenser.
Place twine inside two baskets, tie them together, and pull the twine through a hole.

7. Breadbasket. Cover the inside with aluminum foil or a napkin and serve bread or rolls in it.

8. Bubble maker. Dip the basket into a soap bubble solution and wave it in the air to make clouds of bubbles.

9. Colander. Drain pasta or wash fruits and vegetables under cold running water in the basket.



10. Frog. Turn a basket upside down in a bowl to hold flower stems in place.

11. Dishwasher basket. Put baby bottle caps and nipples in a mesh basket; using rubber bands, secure an other one upside down on top. Place in the upper rack of the dishwasher.

12. Party favors. Weave decorative ribbons through baskets to make party favors or candy dishes.

13. Portable cage. Tape two together to carry small pets (mice, toads, turtles, and so forth) to school for show-and-tell.

14. Mobile. Suspend one upside down over an infant’s crib and tie bells, scraps of ribbon, or colorful fabric to it.

15. Seed starter. About 2 to 3 weeks before outdoor planting time, line baskets with newspaper, fill with potting mix, and sow four or five cucumber, squash, or melon seeds in each; thin later to three plants. Outdoors, plant one basket of plants per hill, making sure soil is mounded over the basket.





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