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"Bottles" Common Things With Uncommon Uses

1. Mole and rabbit repellent. When set in the ground near molehills with ½inchoftheirnecksexposed, bottles will whistle in the wind and scare off moles. Half-filled bottles placed throughout the garden will do the same for rabbits.

2. Rolling pin. Fill a bottle with water, cap it, and roll out the dough.



3. Cruets. Use perfume, hair-tonic, or other exotically shaped bottles as oil and vinegar cruets.

4. Drill holster. To hold an electric drill or screw gun, cut the neck off a plastic bottle, then cut the bottle about halfway on the diagonal. Screw to the wall above your workbench or cut slits in the bottle so that you can put it on a belt.



5. Bud vase. Remove the atomizer from an empty perfume bottle, wash thoroughly, and display a few small flowers in it.

6. Boot trees. Insert large soda-pop bottles into your boots to help them keep their shape.

7. Bowling pins. Paint the numbers 1 through 10 on clean plastic bottles and use an old rubber ball to bowl at home on a rainy day.

8. Bellows. When cleaned, a squeezable plastic detergent or ketchup bottle with a hole in its spout can serve as a bellows for encouraging a slow charcoal or fireplace fire.

9. Rodent deterrent. Wrap a glass bottle in a heavy cloth and smash it; carefully stuff the shards into steel wool and stick in the openings around your pipes.

10. Newspaper saver. Cut off a large plastic bottle on the diagonal about a third of the way from the bottom. Tie a piece of string around the neck of the bottle and attach the other end of the string to your delivery box. Ask your delivery service to put the bottle over the open end of the box after putting in the paper on a rainy day.





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