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"Broom Handles" Common Things With Uncommon Uses

1. Window washer. To reach upper windows without a ladder, attach a large sponge or a squeegee to the end of a broom handle.

2. Garden stake. Support a tall, top- heavy plant, such as a tomato, on a broom handle; sharpen one end for easy insertion into the ground.

3. Paintbrush stretcher. Attach a broom handle to a paintbrush with duct tape.

4. Rolling pin. Cut to the size you need to roll out pie and cookie dough.

5. Reach extender. Attach a screw hook to a broom handle to lengthen your reach so that you can get hold of those socks behind the washer or the basket on the highest shelf.

6. Closet rod. Screw large screw hooks into beams in the closet ceiling and rest a broom handle on them. Hang out-of-season clothing on broom handles attached to the basement ceiling joists with screw hooks.



7. Curtain rod. Cut a broomstick to the desired length and drill holes at both ends. Hang it from L-hooks fitted through the holes or finishing nails driven into the window molding and bent upward with pliers.

8. Bird caller.
Insert a screw eye into the end of a short length of broom handle; remove it and sprinkle rosin into the bole. Then turn the screw back and forth in it to attract birds.
9. Paint can holder.
Slide a broom handle into the rung of an aluminum extension ladder. Notch each end of the pole to keep the can from sliding off.
10. Stoopless scoop.
Prevent a backacheó pick up leaves and refuse with a stoopless scoop. made from two broom handles and a plastic planter tray cut in half.

11. Wall-hanging support. Thread a handle through the top of a macrame hanging to display it on the wall.





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