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"Cans" Common Things With Uncommon Uses


1. Outdoor candle holder. Remove the label from an empty can, punch holes in the sides, place a candle in the bottom] and light. To help control bugs, use citronella candles.

2. Floor patch. Nail can lids to a wooden floor to plug knotholes and thwart rodent entry.

3. Plant protector. Remove both ends and push the can into the earth as a collar to protect young garden plants from cutworms.

4. Pans. Different-size cans will nestle together compactly to provide cheap, disposable pans when camping; handle with pliers when hot.

5. Amplifier. There’s no need to open the door of the baby’s room repeatedly to check on him. Hold the open end of an empty can against the door to amplify any noises from inside.



6. Table lock. For large dinner par ties, lock card tables together by set ting adjacent pairs of legs into cans.

7. Egg poacher. Remove the top and bottom of a tuna can; place in a skillet of simmering water and crack an egg into it.

8. Bird feeder. Wedge a small can filled with suet between tree branches or posts.

9. Seeder. Perforate the bottom of a can] fill it with grass seed] and shake over the lawn.

10. Rain gauge. Set open coffee cans around the garden. Al-inch accumulation means an inch of water fell onto the soil.

11. Reflectors. Remove the bottom of an empty can; with tin snips, cut the can in half lengthwise. You’ve just made two reflectors for campsite or backyard lights.

12. Pedestal. Fill several wide cans with rocks or sand, glue together, then screw a piece of wood into the bottom of the

top can before attaching it to the others. Place a plant, lamp, or statue on top.



13. Miniature golf markers. Arrange cans with both ends removed so that the ball must go through them, go up a ramp into them, or ricochet off a 2 x4 through them.

14. “Basket tennis.” Play basketball with a tennis ball. Nail a coffee can above the garage door, bottom open and top flipped up as a backboard.

15. Bread pan. Bake or steam bread in clean coffee cans.

16. Ash spreader. Punch holes in the bottom of a coffee can. Fill with wood ashes and shake over garden soil.

17. Pigeonholes. Glue half a dozen or more cans together, paint them with bright enamel, and store silver ware, office supplies, nails, or other odds and ends in them.





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