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"Clothespins" Common Things With Uncommon Uses

1. Clamps. When gluing a thin object, position spring clothespins around it until the glue sets.

2. Clipboard. Make a rack for small tools, toothbrushes, or kitchen utensils by screwing several clothespins onto a piece of wood.



3. Cord holder. To keep the vacuum cleaner cord from retracting while in use, clip a clothespin to it after pulling it to the desired length.

4. Fastener. Close up packages of crackers, snacks, cereal, or seeds.

5. Paper clips. A spring clothespin holds more than a paper clip does and is handier.

6. Bag holder. Nail two to your backyard fence to support a plastic leaf bag for easy filling.

7. Boot organizer. In crowded closets and coat rooms, clip your right and left boots together.

8. Note holder. Glue or screw to a surface to hold recipe cards near the food preparation area or messages on bedroom doors.

9. Spark plug reminder. Number clothespins and attach to spark plug cables before disconnecting them. Number from the front of the engine, adding D if itís on the driverís side, P for the passengerís side.


10. Christmas decorations.
Make angels or toy soldiers by decorating clothespins; use the clips as legs.
11. Paintbrush.
Clamp a clothespin over a small square of foam rubber and use for painting touch-ups.
12. Paintbrush saver.
Keep your paintbrush from sinking into the solvent residue when you clean it; clamp it to the container with a clothespin.

13. Hem pins. Thereís no need to baste; while pressing the new hemline in place, hold it with clothespins.

14. Memory jogger. Clip a note on the sun visor or the steering wheel of your car as a reminder to turn off the headlights or take a package out of the trunk.

15. Toothpaste stretcher. Catch the bottom of a toothpaste tube with a pin and roll up.






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