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Different Ways to Create a Handicap Accessible Lavatory

Whether someone has been in an accident, a child is born with a physical disability or an aging parent transfers into a

house, there may come a time when it is necessary to make a bathroom handicap accessible. In addition to removing the Fabric Shower Curtain and the Shower Curtain Rods , homeowners can make simple changes to help adapt their bathrooms for easier use. By expanding doorways, installing hand rails and removing all clutter, homeowners are able to create handicap accessible bathrooms that [won't cost a fortune don't cost a lot of money] and can be completed in a small amount of time.

A typical doorway needs to be widen to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and other devices that assist with mobility. By removing the door jam and replacing it with a wider version, a home owner can also make the choice to remove this structure all together or make the change to a pocket door. This is a door that slides into the wall, creating more space in the room. Removing the door allows the handicap person to have additional room to maneuver in and out of the bathroom and also eliminates the need to have hands to operate the door itself. Being hands-free and able to get in and out of the bathroom on their own, gives the handicapped person the freedom to use the bathroom without help from someone else in the home.

The putting in of handicap rails in and around the bath and toilet are necessary for all handicap accessible bathrooms. These rails provide assistance to people when trying to lift themselves up and down. They also give protection for them while maneuvering around the bathroom. Whether they are drying off from a bath or just trying to stand up from using the restroom, it is imperative they have the necessary tools to support themselves. Again, adding this type of change to a bathroom gives them the individual liberty to do this type of task by themselves. It is not only liberating for them to feel this independence, it is also a huge safety benefit to add these precautionary measures.

A third change a homeowner can make in a bathroom to make it more handicap accessible is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. It is important to get rid of all rugs, garbage cans, towels and other things that get in the way of the mobility of a handicap person in a bathroom. Not only can a rug be a nuisance for a wheelchair, walker or crutches, it can also be a precautionary danger for someone when exiting the bath or getting up from the commode. If a homeowner must have a rug of some sort in their bathroom, they must buy a commercial grade skid resistant mat. These can be found at any large home improvement store or medical supply company. This type of floor covering is designed to provide a safe environment in which handicap people can still get around.

Although most homes aren't currently handicap accessible, by completing the suggestions above, a homeowner can adapt their bathrooms with little cost and construction. By doing this the homeowner can have rest assured as to the safety of their handicapped family member.




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