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Double Vanity Sinks Are An Easy Diy Project

If you are interested in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of or otherwise reinvigorating your bathroom, consider installing a

charming small bathroom sink vanity. These are remarkably useful and charming features that not only look great, but they often significantly enhance the market value of your home and property as well. With so many small bathroom sink vanity resources online, and so many distinct vanity options available to you, you are practically guaranteed to find the perfect small bathroom sink vanity for your home. Below I will outline just a few of the most common bath vanity types.

There may be no better way to give your home a quaint, rustic appeal than to install double vanity sinks. This does not mean that these double vanity sinks sacrifice any space or utility; they are specifically engineered to give your bathroom that desirable traditional aesthetic while simultaneously improving bathroom efficiency with modern ingenuity. They are most often built in hard wood materials such as oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, and teak. Wood double sink bath vanities are polished and sealed with a strong coating that protects them from water damages and improves their environmental resistance. Nevertheless, it is certainly in your best interests to properly care for your wood bath vanity as they are a bit more susceptible to water and mildew damage than other small bathroom sink vanity types. Make sure that you wipe away any water that may have collected on your vanity counter top. Additionally, when the time comes to clean your vanity, make sure that you use only those cleaning solutions that do not harm wood and wood finish. With proper care, your antique bath vanity will retain its inherent beauty for years to come.

Not all vanities are designed with an antique look in mind, of course. For the hip home designer, there are a number of modern antique double vanities available. These polished, sleek vanities are perfect for that contemporary, perhaps industrial look you need for your classy, modern home. They are most often available with metal counter tops, such as stainless steel or even copper. Many modern vanities use stone counter tops as well; try granite or onyx for a darker, more robust aesthetic, or try marble for a more colorful and polished appearance. Some of these antique double vanities use tempered glass sinks to really add to the functional charm of your bathroom.

You’ll need to consider more than just the aesthetic aspects of your vanity, however; space is perhaps the most pressing matter when it comes to home remodeling, particularly in the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, such as those often found in apartments or small houses, consider investing in corner bathroom vanities. These vanities boast all of the utility and elegance of full sized antique double vanities, but they can fit into any corner, making them remarkably space efficient.

For a larger bathroom or (particularly) a shared bathroom, it may be worth your while to look into a double small vanity. These antique double vanities feature two cabinet spaces, two sinks, and often two mirrors as well. Double bathroom vanities allow both you and your partner to use the bathroom simultaneously, without having to worry about sharing sink time or getting hygienic tasks done efficiently and fairly. Imagine an end to the “whose turn is it” question, as both you and your house mates can accomplish daily hygienic tasks without quarrel.




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