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Giving My Bathroom A New Layout With Tiles

I recently spent some time looking at my bathroom layouts and thought that it could do with a new look. I figured that it

was about time for a change of style as some of the fittings were starting to fall apart slightly. The way I saw it was that at this moment in time it is unlikely that I would be able to sell my house even if I wanted to. By looking into making small changes to my bathroom layout I could make it a more relaxing place to bathe and increase the value of my house for the future.

After having a look around my bathroom, I thought there were a variety of different options I could try that would not take a lot of effort but would give the bathroom a fresh look. The first things that I noticed about the bathroom were the bath, toilet and sink as they had started to look like they had corroded and were past their prime. However I soon changed my mind about getting a new fitted bathroom because they were out of my price range and I could always grab a brush and some bleach to get them clean. I then looked at the tiles around the shower and bath and realised that I could easily re-tile the walls. I then thought that I could probably do the same with the floor in order to create a visual effect for the whole bathroom layout.

The bathroom tiles on the wall were stained and garish so I headed off to my local do it yourself shop in search of inspiration. I came to the conclusion that I should go for some ceramic floor tiles in black and white so I could create a checked effect on the floor. I then decided to combine this with black and white marble tiles for the walls around the bath and sink. Instead of going for a chequered effect I decided to go for blocks of black ceramic tiles amongst the white ceramic tiles.

The assistant at the bathroom tiles area of the shop was great and gave me some useful advice as how to best lay my floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles without damaging the surface underneath or the tiles themselves. He also told me the best tile adhesive for both of these jobs and gave me a some hints and tips for using it.

A couple of weeks later and my bathroom has been reinvigorated with life, giving my bathroom a brighter and more contemporary look without needing to hire in tiling contractors. I've been so happy with how my bathroom now looks that I have already started looking into taking on my kitchen with my trusty trowel and some ceramic tiles.




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