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How To Refinish A Bathtub For Non-experts

What is there that's more relaxing than lying back in a bathtub following a hard day at school or on the job? Obviously,
the answer is "nothing". A hot soak will get rid of the aches and pains of the day and relax both your body and mind. It's no wonder that people will go to great lengths to ensure their bathtub is in tiptop shape. As the tub ages, having a working knowledge of refinishing a bath tub will be helpful.

No matter how religiously you take care of your bathtub, it's going to develop some problems as it ages. You'll begin to see as well any more. There are some simple fixes for some of these problems; however, others will take some expert help. In the following paragraphs you're going to read answers to some of the most repeatedly asked questions about bathtub repair.

Isn't it Faster to Just Get a New Tub?

To look at new bathtubs in the showroom, it looks fairly simple to replace your old bathtub with a brand new one. You can get them for around $100 which doesn't seem like a pot load of cash. However, what people forget to consider when they choose this solution is to look at what it will cost to get rid of the old tub and get rid of it, the price of new plumbing, resetting tiles, re-flooring issues, and carpentry work that has to be done. They learn that the real price tag of a bathtub replacement will be in the $2000 range and realize that they can learn how to reglaze a tub for a fraction of that cost.

What Does Bathtub Renovation Mean?

Tubs that have been used for many years begin appearing their age with stains and scratches. A bathtub restoration will eliminate these blemishes. There are kits designed for homeowners to use to renovate their bathtubs. However, if you have no expertise in this type of work, it's a lot better to hire an experienced professional to do the task for you.

The procedure for restoring a bathtub involves the steps listed below:
  • Cleansing the tub's surface
  • Putting on a solvent
  • Neutralizing the solvent
  • Etching
  • Sand-papering

When this long process is finished, your bathroom will look fresh and new again.

Moving on to the Refinishing Process

Once you complete the restoration process, you'll want to refinish the tub. Spending[Investing the time to refinish will mean that you won't have to go back and restore it so often in the future. Refinishing is something that needs to be completed by someone with experience. After all, it involves a strong chemical called Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel. This is not a lengthy process, so your tub should be ready to go again in less than one day.

Are Bathtub Liners an Excellent Decision?

A bathtub liner is a custom-made shield that will protect your tub from scratching and chipping in the future. It only takes a few hours to put in your liner, and putting it in doesn't require any more plumbing or flooring and tile repairs. It can be a really fine option in many cases.

Tackling the Job Yourself vs. Hiring the A-Team

As a general rule, a professional will be more costly, but you can expect his repairs to have more longevity. Unless you have had practice and know how to do the task the right way, it can actually be less costly to hire an expert. Maybe the initial expense won't be as high if you do it yourself, but when you have to find someone to redo the work, the cost starts multiplying.

Are There Times When it's Better to Add a New Tub?

The only time when you want to consider replacing your tub instead of resurfacing it is if the quote you're given for the repairs will end up costing you more than it would to have the tub replaced. At those times, you might as well go the cheapest route and have a brand new tub.

Don't you think it's worth your time and effort to learn refinishing a bath tub?





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