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If you have a drawer that is hard to open, before going all the way and deciding to replace the tracks, remove the

drawer, clean the tracks and rollers, and lubricate the rollers. This may fix the problem.
   Sometimes drawers stick because of humidity. Since wood tends to shrink and swell in response to the weather, you may simply need to “dry out” your drawer. Take out the drawer and store it in a warm, dry place for forty-eight hours. Then replace it. You can sand any places that still stick. This may fix your problem. To prevent the drawer from swelling again, you can coat it with clear wood sealer or polyurethane.
   If your drawer has wooden tracks, take out the drawer, and clean both the drawer and the tracks with a damp rag. You can sand down all contact areas with 100-grit sandpaper to remove any grime. Then spray the tracks with furniture polish. The wax in the polish should make the drawer slide much easier.
   Do you have drawers that droop? Wooden drawers that have worn away over time will tend to droop in the front. There is a very simple way to take care of this problem. Take thumbtacks and place them in the bottom corners of the opening. This will provide a nonfriction surface that will both lift the drawer and cut down on future wear.


If you have tried all of the tricks above and find that your drawer is still difficult to open, the rollers and/or tracks may need to be replaced or adjusted. Bottom mount rollers are the easiest to install. Make sure the new drawer guides (tracks) are no longer than the length of the drawer, measuring from the rear to the back of the drawer face.

How to replace drawer tracks:

1. Remove the drawer and unscrew the old track from the cabinet.

2. The manufacturer of the new tracks will give you a diagram. Follow their instructions.

3. First measure where the track will fit onto the cabinet. Mark this so that it is easy to find when you put the track in place.

4. Align the top and front edges of the track with the marks. Use the screws provided to fasten the track to the side of the cabinet. Do one side first. Then level the track from front to back and secure the other side with a screw.

5. Follow the same procedure for the second track on the other side.

6. Unscrew the old drawer guides from the drawer.

7. Set the new guides in place with the wheels toward the rear. Make sure that the front edge of the guide is flush with the back of the drawer face. Attach using the screws provided.

8. Insert the drawer into the cabinet by placing the rollers in the corresponding places in the tracks.




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