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Installing a false ceiling beam

False beams can be installed on a ceiling for A a number of different reasons. You may simply like the way they look. You may want to hide something like a plumbing pipe that is hanging below the ceiling. And you may want to disguise a particularly poor ceiling, instead of tearing it down and starting over. The beam itself is easy to make. just glue and nail three boards together. Installing it isnít much harder. Just attach a nailing board to the ceiling and hang the beam from this board.


Step 1. The three boards that form the beam are joined along their edges with glued miter joints. To make these joints, cut the boards to length; then cut a miter along the edges using a table saw. Adjust the blade height so it extends about ľ in. above of the top of each board.

Step 2. Push the board over the saw blade using the table fence as a guide. Keep your hands clear of the blade at all times. When the end of the board is within 6 in. of the blade, remove your hands and push the rest of the way with a block of wood bearing against the back end of the board.

Step 3. Spread wood glue on all the metered edges; then clamp the two side boards against a scrap block, and nail the top board to the side boards. Use 4d finishing nails and keep them at least 3/8 in. away from the edge. Set the nailhead and fill the holes with wood filler.


Step 4. You can leave the metered edges on the beam just as they are. Or you can cut a decorative edge with a router. If you do rout an edge, make sure the cut isnít so deep that it hits the nails that were driven into the joint.


Step 5. Sand the entire beam with 180-grit sandpaper and remove all the dust. Then finish the beam to match the rest of the roomís decor. If you stain the beam, seal it with polyurethane after the stain is dry. If you want to paint the beam, prime and paint it before nailing it in place.


Step 6. The best way to install a beam is to use a nailing board, like the one shown here. To make one, cut a board to width so it fits just inside the beam. Then screw this board to the ceiling joists so that itís located just where you want the beam, in this case over a plumbing pipe.


Step 7. Lift the false beam up to the ceiling, and fit it over the nailing board. Push the beam tight against the drywall, and nail it to the board with finishing nails. Set the nailheads, and fill the holes with colored wood filler.





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