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Lighting Projects

Lighting options

Good lighting plays a key role in efficient design--and goes a long way toward defining the personality of the room. With the proper fixtures in the proper places, lighting can help you avoid working in shadows or relaxing in dimly lit rooms.


Indoor lighting design

Use lighting the way an artist uses a brush, to downplay or highlight elements in a room. Lighting focused on an object will draw the eye to that object in contrast to its background. For example, lighting the corners in a room makes it seem larger, as the eye takes in its entirety. In comparison, a soft pool of light created around a sofa will focus attention on the piece of furniture. The remainder of the room recedes into shadow, making it seem smaller.


Installing a ceiling fixture

First cut a hole in the ceiling; then fish a power cable into this hole; and install a retrofit ceiling box. Once both are in place, strip the sheathing and wire insulation from the cable, and screw a hanging strap to the box. Join the wires from the fixture and the box; then tighten the fixture in place. Install the proper light bulb (or bulbs), and screw on the fixture globe.


Installing a chandelier

Many chandeliers, especially heavy ones, come with instructions that explain the support the fixture needs. If your fixture doesn’t call for special support, then you can probably replace your existing fixture with a chandelier as we show here. If, on the other hand, extra support is called for, then you have two options. One is to cut a hole in the ceiling and nail wooden support blocks in place. The other is to install an electrical box support brace that has the proper weight-limit specification.


Installing track lights

If you’d like to try some track lighting to change the look of your room or to direct more task lighting where you reed it, then you’re in luck. Installing one of these systems is not difficult, especially if you already have a switch-operated ceiling fixture where you want the track to go. All you have to do is shut off the power to the fixture, remove it, and start installing the tracks. Once they are attached to the ceiling, install the light heads and turn on the power.






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