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Make your shower curtain clean-up easy with these specific directions

Nobody wants to get that drab feeling while taking a bath or shower. While you are concentrated cleaning up, you will

not feel comfortable behind a filthy Shower Curtain. Despite our attention to detail, a shower curtain will get dirty because of the damp conditions inside the bathroom and the continued accumulation of soap scum. There is a need to regularly clean the curtains and it should be part of the cleaning routine inside the bathroom.

Keep the following general guidelines in washing your curtains used in your bathroom. Most Shower Curtains can be cleaned and washed in your normal house hold washer. Add 1 cup of bleach solution when you wash the curtains. Add a normal amount of white towels to go along with the curtains plus the prescribed amount of laundry detergent. Do not use hot water in the machine as this can damage the curtains.

donít use the drying after washing. Just let them dry on the shower rod. You can also use baking soda as alternative to the bleaching idea when you are cleaning your curtain. Do not forget to read washing instructions and warnings before starting to wash the curtains.

Cleaning the curtains in the bathroom is not an easy task. Everyone will find the job a bit boring as we have to work our way by removing the rings from the curtain and liners before washing. You may choose to use a cleaner spray specific for shower curtains. However, you will still need to take if off the rod after a few weeks for washing to maintain a clean and fresh feeling inside the bathroom.

Here are several practical tips in cleaning and maintaining your curtains the easy way.

If your curtain is made of plastic or vinyl liner, you can wash them in a regular washing machine by adding one cup each of bleach and vinegar. Before washing the curtains, inspect it for any indicated chemicals which can damage and harm the curtains. never use hot water. Cold water must be added in washing the curtains.

If your curtain is made of fabric liner, a cup of baking soda is is the right choice instead of to bleach and vinegar. You can get rid of any accumulated mildew and mold by washing the curtains in soapy water added with just a small amount of bleach. Make sure that you are using a bleach type which is color safe. To avoid the quick onset of mold, use a water-salt combination in washing the curtains used in the bathroom. Make sure that you use just the right amount of salt to prevent the formation of crystal when you hang dry the curtains. Every time you pull down the curtains for a thorough washing, donít forget to clean the rings as well.

You can also clean the curtain liners in the same way as that of the shower curtains. Follow the instructions used for specific materials of curtain liner and wash them using the washing guidelines we apply for curtains. You can also maintain the curtain liners in between our regular washing by using the appropriate spray cleaner and rinsing it every day. This wills deny the formation of molds on the curtain liner.




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