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Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. To deodorize a smelly room, place an open box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on a shelf in the room. Or dissolve two teaspoons Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in two cups of water in a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle and spray the air.

Bounce. To freshen the air in a dresser drawer, closet, or room, place an individual sheet of Bounce in a drawer, hang one from a hanger in the closet, or tape one to the front of a fan (or air- conditioning vent] and turn it on.

Car-Freshner Pine Trees. To freshen the air in your home, hang a Car-Freshner Pine Tree in the house from the blinds.

Downy Fabric Softener. Mix one tablespoon Downy Fabric Softener with two cups water in a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle and spray the solution as an air freshener to make your home smell April fresh.

Heinz White Vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with undiluted Heinz White Vinegar and spray it around your home as a natural air freshener. The pungent smell of vinegar quickly dissipates, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

Ivory Soap. To freshen the air in closed spaces, place unwrapped bars of Ivory Soap in drawers, linen closets, and storage trunks. Replace the bars of soap every few months.

Johnson & Johnson Cotton Balls. To scent the air in your home, saturate a Johnson & Johnson Cotton Ball with perfume or cologne and place it in the bag of your vacuum cleaner before vacuuming the carpets.

Kingsford Charcoal Briquets. A clean, used coffee can filled with untreated Kingsford Charcoal Briquets placed in a closet or chest absorbs odors.

Lipton Tea Bags, ReaLemon, and Mr. Coffee Filters. Steep two Lipton Tea Bags in two cups of boiling water, let cool, add two tablespoons ReaLemon lemon juice, strain through a Mr. Coffee Filter, and pour the solution into a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle. Spray it around your home. Tea is an all- natural air freshener, and the lemon juice adds a lemon scent.

Maxwell House Coffee. A freshly opened can of Maxwell House Coffee deodorizes and freshens the air in a room. Or fill a small bowl with fresh coffee grounds and set it in a corner of the room.

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract. To scent the air in your home, saturate a cotton ball with McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag before vacuuming the house. Or place a cotton ball saturated with vanilla extract on a saucer and set it in a corner of the room.

Mennen Speed Stick. Apply Mennen Speed Stick to an incandescent lightbulb and then turn on the lamp. The heat from the lightbulb will slowly melt the deodorant, freshening the air in the room. You can also cut up chunks from the bar of deodorant and place them around the house. Or remove the lid from a Mennen Speed Stick and place it in a drawer or linen closet.

Nestea, ReaLemon, and Mr. Coffee Filter. Mix up two cups Nestea, add two tablespoons ReaLemon lemon juice, and strain through a Mr. Coffee Filter. Pour the solution into a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle and spray around your home to freshen the air.

Tidy Cats. To prevent musty, damp odors in a closed summerhouse, fill shallow boxes with unused Tidy Cats. Place one box in each room before closing up the house. The cat box filler absorbs moisture and musty, lingering odors.


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