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Oval Rugs for a Country Feel

If you want to turn your room into cozy comfortable country feel then you can do that by adding an oval rug. There is

something about oval rugs that give that type of feeling. The oval rugs come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Use an Oval Rug in the Living Room

A large oval rug looks good in a living room or you can use small oval rugs. Choosing the right size can be tricky. You want to make sure that if you are sitting furniture on your rug you want to have enough rug to put your table and chairs on comfortably.

If you put a coffee table on the rug you want to make sure that you center it properly and you have the right sized rug.

Use an Oval Rug in the Kitchen

An oval rug in the kitchen works well too. A common place for an oval rug is under the kitchen table. If you want to place a rug under the kitchen table make sure that you purchase a rug large enough to sit the table and the chairs on. You won’t want the chairs to sit half way off the rug and making them seem unbalanced.

You will also need to put an oval rug at the kitchen sink. You spend a lot of time doing dishes so you want to make sure that you’re tired feet stand on a plush rug. Tile is hard and cold when you are standing on it. Try a braided oval rug for a country look.

Use an Oval Rug in the Bathroom

Rugs look great in the bathroom. Add an oval rug in front of the tub so you can safely get in and out of the bathtub or shower. When it gets dirty simply throw it in the washer to clean. Air-dry the rug before you use it.

Use an Oval Rug in the Bedroom

Don’t wake up and put your feet on the cold floor again. Simply place an oval rug down at your bed side and wake up to warmth.

A rectangle or square rug can be easy to use but nothing says country and cozy like an oval rug. You can purchase the oval rugs in any size or color.




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