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Painting Tools

These are the tools you’ll need for your painting toolbox. All these tools are available at almost every home improvement center, paint store, and hardware store.



WHEN IT COMES TO PAINTING TOOLS. SOME PEOPLE PREFER DISPOSABLE TOOLS WHILE OTHERS - value traditional versions. The differences between the two are cost and quality.


PAINTBRUSHES: All-purpose brushes are made from a blend of polyester and nylon. Brushes blended with hog or ox bristles should only be used with oil-based paints. Your kit should include a 3” straightedged wall brush, 2” straightedged trim brush, and tapered sash brush. A good-quality brush has a shaped handle, non-corrosive metal ferrule, and several spacer plugs between bristles. Split (“flagged”) and tapered (“chiseled”) bristle ends make clean edges.


ROLLER TRAYS: Sturdy trays are a must. Disposable pan liners minimize cleanup, but they are not substitutes for roller trays.

STANDARD ROLLER FRAMES: Choose a well-balanced frame with nylon bearings and a comfortable handle. Extensions are available for painting ceilings.

STANDARD ROLLER COVERS: Most jobs can be done with 3/8" synthetic rollers. Special corner roller covers allow you to paint corners without cutting in the edges. Good-quality roller covers create an attractive finish without leaving fibers in the paint.

SPECIAL CONTAINERS: Large and small containers simplil3r large projects. For large projects, some paint manufacturers sell their paint in 5-gallon containers, so you can paint straight from the container. If the paint you choose doesn’t come in a container like this, you may want to buy one. For cutting-in and touch-ups, small, easy-to-hold containers are a good idea.

PAINT-MIXING BIT AND DRILL Stirring paint is extremely important The best way to stir large amounts of paint is with a drill and special paint-mixing bit. These bits ate easy to use and clean up quickly.

LEAD TEST KIT: If your home was built before 1978, it’s critical that you test paint before cleaning, sanding, or repainting it. Easy-to-use lead test kits are available at home centers, hardware stores, and paint retailers everywhere. If the test indicates the presence of lead, consult a lead abatement specialist before starting any project.

Once you get to the chapters, you’ll notice there may be a red toolbox in the Materials List. If you see that, it means you’ll need your toolbox with all of the above tools in it for that particular project. There may be additional tools needed that are specific to the project at hand, but having this toolbox organized and at-hand will save a lot of time.





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