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Coca-Cola. To strip paint off metal patio furniture, cover the painted surface for one week with a bath towel saturated with Coca-Cola. Add more Coke daily to keep the towel drenched. The paint strips off effortlessly.

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. To strip paint from metal lawn furniture, put on rubber gloves and protective eyewear and, working outdoors, spray Easy-Off Oven Cleaner on the item, let sit for fifteen minutes, and then wash clean with the highest pressure from the nozzle of a garden hose.

Kiwi Shoe Polish. To stain wooden patio furniture to a high polish, apply Kiwi Shoe Polish to the wood, repeating to attain a deeper color, if desired. Buff with a soft cloth to achieve a glossy finish.

Nestlé Carnation NonFat Dry Milk and McCormick Food Coloring. Paint wooden patio furniture with milk paint. Mix three cups Carnation Nonfat Dry Milk and one cup water until it is the consistency of paint. Then add food coloring or pigment (available at art supply stores) to make whatever hue you desire. Thin the paint by adding more water; thicken the paint by adding more powdered milk. Brush on as you would any other paint. Apply the paint with a brush or roller. Let the first coat dry for at least twenty-four hours before adding a second coat. Let the second dry for three days. American colonists painted their homes with milk. They boiled berries in milk to thicken and color the milk. Once milk paint dries, it is incredibly durable. It won’t wash off Plus, you can have milk and cookies while you paint. Just try doing that with regular latex.

Rit Dye. Stain wooden patio furniture by mixing up Rit Dye according to the directions on the box and using a sponge brush to give wood one coat of the mixture. Let dry thoroughly.


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