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Shoes and Sneakers > Shining

Alberto V05 Conditioning Hairdressing. Rub in a little Alberto V05 Conditioning Hairdressing, then buff Aside from shining shoes, the hairdressing protects leather shoes and boots from winter salt and ice.

ChapStick. To shine shoes in a pinch, rub ChapStick over the leather and buff with a dry, clean cloth.

Heinz White Vinegar. To clean white stains left by rock salt (used for melting ice on roads in winter] from leather shoes, rub Heinz White Vinegar on the stain and wipe with a with clean, wet cloth.

Huggies Baby Wipes. To shine shoes in a pinch, wipe the shoes with a Huggies Baby Wipe.

Johnson Baby Oil. To shine shoes, put a few drops of John son’s Baby Oil on a paper towel, rub it into the shoes, and buff with a clean cloth.

L’eggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose. Ball up a clean, used pair of L’eggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose and use it to shine shoes. The nylon is a mild abrasive.

Lubriderm. To shine shoes, rub a dab of Lubriderm on each shoe and buff with a soft cloth.

Mr. Coffee Filter. If you don’t have a soft cloth to buff shoes, use a balled-up, lint-free Mr. Coffee Filter.

Pledge. For a long-lasting and beautiful shine, spray your shoes with Pledge furniture polish and buff dry with a soft cloth. The waxes in Pledge also help the shoes repel water.

Star Olive Oil. Polishing shoes with a few drops of Star Olive Oil revitalizes the leather.

Stayfree Maxi Pads. After applying polish to shoes, buff the leather with Stayfree Maxi Pads.

Tampax Tampons. To shine shoes, use the cotton tip of a Tampax Tampon to buff.

Turtle Wax. In a pinch, dab Turtle Wax on leather shoes and buff with a clean, soft cloth to achieve a glimmering shine.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Apply a few dabs of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your shoes or boots and buff with a cloth.

Windex. To shine shoes in a pinch, spray Windex on the leather and buff with a soft, clean cloth.


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