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All in one place for the first time, parents can find answers to the many questions that come up all through a childhood.



The Answers to Parents Most Common Questions

All in one place for the first time, parents can find answers to the many questions that come up all through a childhood.


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Expert Solution To Your Most Common Parenting Questions




Is my child too dependent on me?

Should I pick my baby up when she cries?

Is my baby “good”?

How long will my baby he anxious around strangers?

Is it OK if my child is attached to a blanket or other objects?

Should I give my child a pacifier?

My child sucks his thumb. Should I stop him?

Now she needs me, now she doesn’t. What’s going on?

Why does my child like to him where I am?

Do all children say, “Only Mommy do it”?

Why does my child want me with him at birthday parties?

Why does my child act differently when she’s away from me?




When will my baby sleep through the night?

What should I do it my child won’t fall asleep alone?

My child wants to sleep in our bed. Is this all right?

Isn’t it reasonable to want my child to play in her crib when she wakes up?

What about naptime?

When should my child sleep in a bed?

When will my child slop needing diapers at night?




Should I schedule my child’s feedings or feed on demand?

When should I wean?

My child puts everything in her mouth. What can I do?

Do other children drop food from the high chair?

When should my child use a spoon and fork?

Should my child at least taste new foods?




Is it OK for my child to spend time in a playpen?

Why won’t my child hold still during diaper changes?

How should I handle crawling?

When will my child start walking?

How different is the view from my child’s level?

What should I do about falls and accidents?

What can I do about climbing?

How much childproofing should I do?

In stores, my child wants to touch everything. What can I do?
"I want to do it myself!" How long will this last?

My daughter wants to dress herself. How do I handle this?

When will my child he ready to use the toilet?




How do I handle discipline and punishment?

What should I do about temper tantrums?

Does spanking really help?

Must I always be consistent?

Can too much praise backfire?

Should I say, “You’re a big boy now”?

Why does my child bite?

Is it OK to bribe children?

Should I make my child clean up?




What does my child think about nature?

My child asks questions and talks all the time. Is this normal?

Does my child know what’s real and what’s not?

Why isn't my child more reasonable?

Why doesn’t my child think about other people’s feelings?

I want to tell my child about pregnancy and birth. What should I say?




Out of sight, out of mind—does every baby think this way?

When will my child no longer be afraid to have a haircut?

Should I prepare my child for doctor appointments?

What should I tell my child about the dentist?

Why does my child have an imaginary friend?

Why is Halloween difficult for my child?

What can I do about my child’s fear of monsters?

Why is my child afraid of Santa Claus?

How can I get my child to be interested in homemade toys?




Which toys are appropriate?

A doll for my son? A truck for my daughter?

Do coloring books limit creativity?

My child wants to play with toy guns. Should I let him?

Should my child play with children his own age?

What about playgroups?

My child likes to talk on the telephone. How do I handle this?

Why does my child get anxious before holidays and birthdays?

Why doesn’t my child want to share?

How do other children act when they’re angry with each other?




Why is my child uncomfortable kissing relatives?

Is it all right for her to call me by my first name?

What can I do about my child’s whining?

How do I react when my child says, “I hate you, Mommy”?

How can I teach my child to respect others?

Should I ask my child to say “please” and “thank you”?

Should I always make my child say “I’m sorry”?

What should I do about bathroom language?

My child uses profanity. How do I respond?

How can I help my children get along with each other?

How can I teach my child to be gentle with his pet?




How can I choose a good pediatrician?

How do I find a good occasional baby-sitter?

How can I choose the best day care center or nursery school for my child?

What if I don’t send my child to preschool?

How should I prepare my two- to tour-year-old for day care or nursery school?

I'm having a difficult time adjusting to day care. What should I do?

When should my child learn ABCs and numbers?

Why do so many children have Attention Deficit Disorder?

What should I look for in recreation classes?

Is my child ready for kindergarten?




Why does my child still have trouble at bedtime?

Sometimes our child wants to sleep in our bed. What do we do?

What can I do about picky eating?

What should I tell my child when he says, “Everybody else has lost a tooth”?

Should my child believe in the tooth fairy?

When will my child give up thumb-sucking?

Should I tell my child the truth about Santa?

“When I grow up I going to...” How do I respond?




What do I do about my child’s desire for more independence?

Why isn’t my child more responsible?

Why is it hard to talk about money?

Should I give an allowance?

Suddenly my child is clothes-conscious. What happened?

Why won’t my child cooperate in the mornings?




“Why did Daddy’s uncle have to die?”

What should I say about sex and pregnancy?

Should I tell my child about AIDS?

Should I be worried about drugs?

What should I do if my child is being picked on?

How can I help my child adjust to moving?

How will my divorce affect my child?




How do I handle discipline?

Why is my child so aggressive?

What can I do about lying?

How should I deal with profanity?

My child seems self-centered. What should I do?

Is it normal for my child to speak rudely to me when he’s angry?

Am I spoiling my child?




How can I enhance my child’s self-image?

Why are my children so different from each other?

What should I do about sibling rivalry?

Why does my child keep saying, “It’s not lair”?

What if we argue in front of our child?

How do we hold family meetings?

How do I know it my child needs therapy?

“How do I explain the difference between Hanukkah and Christmas?”

“Can Grandma and Grandpa come over?”




Why does my child brag so much?

Why is my child so competitive?

What about shyness?

Why does my child want to be with friends all the time?

How can we have fewer problems with our carpool?




My child is having trouble getting used to first grade. What can I do to help?

How can I get my child to complete her homework?

What if I disagree with my child’s teacher?

What should I do when my child says he’s bored at school?

How can I tell if my child is doing well in school?

How can I encourage learning at home?

What are the alternatives to public school?




How can I evaluate before- and after-school care?

How can I feel less distant from my child’s caregiver?

Am I over-scheduling my child?

What should I tell my child’s baby-sitters?




What do six- to nine-year-olds play?

My child doesn’t like to lose. How can I help?

Is it natural for my child to want my attention constantly?

Why does my child enjoy collecting?

Should I limit TV-watching, video games, and computer time?

How can I encourage art at home?

My child is starting to participate in organized sports. How can I help him?





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