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The Bathroom of the Wealthy

Everybody has their own version of the best possible restroom. Often people would have a shower curtain or multiple

shower curtain. Others include more lavish items such as gold, Jacuzzis, and a ridiculous assortment of other posh items. Imagine what the bathrooms of millionaires look like. Nobody honestly believes that a multimillionaire would have the same style of restroom as somebody in normal economic circumstances. Well, this is the guide to the millionaireís bathroom and what they probably (okay, most likely donít) look like.

No millionaireís bathroom is complete without the stereotypical item that every person imagines the posh and arrogant having, a golden toilet. While many people work under the assumption that such a ludicrous item doesnít exist, it simply has to. There has to be some person out there that is bored and rich enough to build themselves a toilet out of gold. Failing that, there are certainly millionaires with toilets that are made out of silver, because that would be the next option. In these hard economic times maybe thatís all some unfortunate fellow could afford. Due to what must be an next to nothing in terms of demand, the company that produces such a toilet must be really, really hard to find.
Next to the toilet of course is another stereotypical item that one would expect a millionaire to have, a roll of toilet paper consisting of one dollar bills. In research testing the one dollar bill proved to be more comfortable than the leading brand of bathroom tissue. The extremely wealthy are of course wealthy in the first place because of their hatred and distrust for saving and financial shrewdness so the ďdollar bill toilet paperĒ is certainly not just the random musings of bored minds.
Todayís millionaire works extremely hard to make their millions of course, and with how utterly maddening all the new taxes on the wealthy are there is nothing more necessary to a wealthy personís bathroom than a personal masseuse. The masseuse is of course on standby at all times and must be of Scandinavian descent and have at least ten years worth of training in her field. She must be versed in many different kinds of kneading techniques. Going along with the European theme generated by the Scandinavian masseuse there is also an adjoining room attaching with a sauna to sweat off the rigors and frustrations of a hard day at work. It is of course ridiculously hard to become and stay a millionaire in the new era of semi socialist America so relaxing in the sauna is important once a day.

Many people have imagined what a a well off personís restroom is like. While it seems logical to think that theyíre pretty similar to that of normal people, that idea doesnít sit well with a lot of people. People for some reason have the superseding compulsion to feel that the wealthier the person the more absurd their restroom. So, in order to put those peopleís minds to rest the bathroom described above is completely real and by law set up in every personís house once they reach a certain level of savings in their bank account.




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