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The right mood can all depend on the type of materials you use on your floor

The mood of a room can make a home great or not so good. Some materials are more appropriate than others, but either

way the perfect material is necessary. The material you can use ranges infinitely, something like Ottawa marble is great for a room for a darker mood. If you donít want to have to clean carpet when something gets spilled and youíre not a fan of hardwood floors, Ottawa granite tile is a great alternative.

If you donít have the money to pay for a room to go from hardwood floors to carpet, rugs are a great way to get that mood and comfort of a carpet without having to pay for the whole room to be remodeled. Some stone or a harder surface other than hardwood would also be a good solution to set the mood in a room.

The feel of a living space really depends on what its purpose is and what the focal point is. If a room is a play room, carpet would be a great surface to line the room. In this room there will be more small kids so you want something that is harmless when they fall. If the room you are trying to decorate is more of a family room or a living room, something that fits the mood of the room would be the best thing for you. Because this will be the focal point of the home, most of the time this room will have a fireplace, so carpeting wouldnít be the best idea because it can easily catch on fire. In this case hardwood flooring or some type of stone or any other form rock would be a great alternative.

If you are not a fan of hardwood, stone or anything of the sort is a great option. This gives a room warmth and is perfect for a living room or a TV. room where time will be spent with a special someone watching a movie. Having the right flooring can give a room a more comfortable and cozy feel that is just perfect for those nights spent with your spouse just watching a movie.

Stone is also perfect for counter tops in your kitchen and in bathrooms. Because cleaning it is so convenient, you wonít spend hours having to vacuum and make sure every stain gets removed and doesnít ruin the carpet. This is also convenient for bathrooms because there is no carpeting that can mold when you accidentally drip dry instead of use a towel. When you accidentally spill juice or milk, all it takes is a quick wipe down with a paper towel and itís like the spill never happened.

When you decide what type of floors to put in your home, take into consideration what the room will be used for and the mood that you want the room to have. There is always an option out there for you if the first choice doesnít float your boat. Before you decide what floors you use, make sure you think everything through and consider the purpose of the room.




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