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The Utility And Elegance Of Bathroom Vanities

The real estate market isnít always doing well, and sometimes selling your home can be a truly daunting task. But just

because times are tough doesnít mean that selling your home is impossible, and one great way to instantly increase the marketability of your home is to install a unique and aesthetically effective (not to mention useful) bathroom vanity. Many home remodelers and professional home designers will tell you: nothing adds style and character to your home quite like bathroom vanities.

The difficulty, really, lies in finding a vanity that fits in just right with your homeís existing design. There are literally thousands of unique permutations when it comes to vanities, with countless styles, patterns, materials, and designs. So, how does one hunt for the ideal vanity? First, and most importantly, you must consider the dimensions of your desired vanity. All bathrooms have different dimensions, meaning yours is most definitely smaller than some, and larger than others. Because bathroom vanities come in an array of sizes, from small (25\" bathroom vanities, for example) to large (48\" bathroom vanities and larger), you will have to note the dimensions of your bathroom well before hand to properly accommodate your new bathroom installation.

If you have an apartment or small townhouse, for example, itís a good possibility that your bathroom (or bathrooms) is smaller than that of the average family home. These bathrooms are built with utility and efficiency, rather than comfort, in mind. Very rarely will you find a small bathroom like this outfitted with a medium or large sized bath vanity, favoring instead the space efficient small vanities. 25" bathroom vanities are fantastic choices for such a bathroom, because they are easy to install anywhere you need them. The majority of these small vanities are built to fit snugly into corners so that they donít impede bathroom traffic. These 25\" bathroom vanities make the most of their size, providing sufficient storage space for an individual personís bath items and hygienic supplies.

On the other hand, medium sized bathrooms call for medium sized vanities. Small vanities look rather out of place in a normal sized bathroom, because they take up too little space to be particularly noticeable. Medium sized vanities, like 45\" bathroom vanities, are a bit larger but provide more storage space than small vanities. They are highly efficient storage features, and they also add charm to your bathroom. They are also fairly sturdier than small bath vanities, and are able to support more weight on the counter tops. These vanities often come with a larger price tag than small vanities, and their size makes them harder to install, but they are worth it in terms of sheer practical convenience. 42" bathroom vanities also have sufficient room to install an attached full size mirror, which will really help you get hygienic tasks done effectively.

Larger bathrooms, and in particular bathrooms that you share with a handful of other people, generally call for much larger vanities, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. To enhance the sophistication and utility of your large bathroom, consider installing 48\" bathroom vanities or larger. These large vanities often provide more than enough room for two vessel sinks and accompanying vanity mirrors. The major advantage to this is that you wonít need to bother yourself with the ďwhose turn is itĒ argument; you and your partner can use the bathroom sink simultaneously with double vanities like 60" bathroom vanities. As far as beauty and sheer convenience are concerned, bath vanities simply do not get any better than this.




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