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The Wild World of Information

With the amount of information that is available, people can figure out almost any problem. A perfect example is interior

designing. With all the available information, a person with no experience can go and find the perfect shower curtain for their bathroom. You may think shower curtains arenít important, but it is the fact that it used to be someoneís job to pick them out. Someone can go online and find a how to site that tells them all the steps to installing a sink or new countertops. The increased amount of available information can have both its advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage that many see is that it allows people to do many jobs on their own. This eliminates the hassle and cost of hiring someone to do your work. The fact that a person can find out how to practically build their entire house could essentially eliminate any necessity for manual laborers. It is only a matter of what kind of work a person wants to do. That is where all this information can have a negative effect. Eventually, people are going to become so able to rely on themselves that it will eliminate some jobs altogether. Some might even say that it could ruin our society because it will change the working world so much.

Another argument that can be had over information and its accessibility is what it can do to employment. So many people argue for the information because it provides many jobs in the technology world. With so much information, there is a high need for people who can organize everything and understand it. This is a growing field because it is relatively new compared to many fields. The other side to this argument is that in a time of economic struggle, it is hurting a lot of peoples opportunities to make money. Libraries are losing people because they can find so much online. Movie stores lose business because movies can be found on the internet. The amount of information that people have access to is beyond belief. Now people have become experts at hacking and stealing any information that is supposed to be secret. Information can be a dangerous thing.

This is a very interesting point. The internet and other ways of providing information to people are definitely here to stay. However, no one knows the long term effects that it could have on our society. It is a debate that could be had forever because the future is the unknown. We will not know if there are going to be negative effects until it might be too late. At the same time, we do not know how life would be without television, cell phones, or the internet. Some even argue that the internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankindís history. Despite how you feel about the amount of information available and the ways that we can access it, you cannot deny that it does play a big role in our lives.




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