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Tile > Cleaning

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. To clean tile, sprinkle Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on a damp sponge, scrub, and rinse clean.

Bounce. Place a sheet of Bounce on the bottom of a dry sponge mop and dust the tile floor with it. The Bounce will cling to the dry sponge mop without having to be attached.

Cascade. To clean tile, mix one-quarter cup Cascade dish washer detergent in a bucket of hot water. Scrub the tiles with a scrub brush dipped in the solution and then rinse clean with a mop (or sponge] and water.

Downy Fabric Softener. To eliminate the stickiness on tiles left by typical cleansers, add one-half capful Downy Fabric Softener to a bucket of sudsy water. The surfactants in Downy boost the cleaning power of the water, and the fragrance in the fabric softener leaves behind a fresh scent.

Epsom Salt and Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Mix equal parts of Epsom Salt and Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, apply the gritty paste to grimy tiles, and scrub with a brush. The Epsom Salt gives the dishwashing liquid abrasiveness.

Gillette Foamy. To clean the tiles surrounding a bathtub and let your kids have a blast at the same time, give your kids a can of Gillette Foamy shaving cream to entertain themselves in the bathtub. They can use the shaving cream to draw on the tile walls, and when you wash the condensed soap off with water, the tiles will be sparkling clean.

L’eggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose. To scrub tiles with a mildly abrasive scouring pad, use a balled-up pair of clean, used L’eggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose.

Listerine. To clean tile floors and kill germs, mix one cup Listerine antiseptic mouthwash in one gallon water and mop the tile floor or sponge a tile wall with this antiseptic cleanser.

Maxwell House Coffee. To clean tiles, pour hot, freshly brewed Maxwell House Coffee on the tile and wipe clean immediately with a damp sponge. The coffee helps dissolve grease and soap scum.

Spray ‘n Wash. To clean tiles, spray with Spray ‘n Wash, wait three minutes, then wipe clean with a sponge.

Turtle Wax. After cleaning tiles, apply Turtle Wax and buff with a soft cloth. The wax prevents future stains from sticking. [ do this on a tile floor, to keep from slipping.)


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