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What To Consider When Buying Luxury Towel Warmers

For any bathroom, it really would be an advantage if we could hang our cold towels on one of those wonderfully warm

luxury towel warmers, and allow them to get fresh and crisp again. These genuinely useful bathroom accessories help to easily provide bathers with nice, warm, heated towels. Towel warmers are quite simple to put in and help to make your bathroom look more attractive and classy as well.

These days, there is a wide array of luxury towel warmers, designer radiators and heated towel rails sold, and these come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. You could opt for those which have designs that are able to either hold several towels or hang one at a time. The towel rails available today also come in interesting shapes, colors and styles, ranging from classic-looking ones, to more modern and high-tech variants. With so much to choose from, it would help if you select one that complements your bathroom’s existing styles, and also fits well in your bath area. Generally, these bathroom accessories are crafted to work well with a home’s central heating system. These are also equipped with knobs and adjustment modes that help you regulate the amount of heat for drying your wet towels and clothes.

Basically, you could also opt for a plumbed-in or electric heated towel rail. According to home heating experts, a plumbed-in heated towel rail is more affordable, and this can easily be connected or plumbed into your current central heating system, just like any other type of radiator. However, you need to have in advance the proper pipe work in place, to enable its easy installation. A plumbed-in towel rail will only run whenever the central heating system in your home is switched on. Electric heated towel rails on the other hand, come equipped with a specially designed heating solution that needs to be connected to your electric power supply. This means that it will operate independently from the main central heating apparatus, and can be switched on or off depending on the weather or climate conditions in your area. An electric heated towel rail however, is considered to be more costly than a plumbed-in design. If you’re having a tough time deciding on which of the two are good for your bathroom, then you could opt instead for a dual-fuel heated towel rail. This variety operates just like any standard radiator, so when your home’s central heating system is on; it gets its power from it. However, during hot and damp seasons, you could opt to connect this to your electric power sockets. Dual-fuel towel heaters are widely popular these days.

For additional advice on installation and other heater options, it helps to ask for assistance from a professional heating engineer. This person could help you choose the appropriate models and designs, as well as advise you on helpful power-saving tips and guidelines. A heating engineer will also assist you in locating the best spot for positioning your heated towel rail. For example, if your electric, plumbed-in or dual-fuel heated towel rail serves only as a secondary heat source, the heating engineer could help you in properly wiring these, as well as in positioning the heater in such a way that it effectively heats up the room and does not pose as a fire or electrocution hazard. However, if the towel rail you buy will serve as your primary source of heat, then he could help you place it on the largest external wall of your bathroom for instance.

Currently, there are a lot of heated towel rail designs and materials to choose from. Consumers could opt for rails made from stainless steel or brass, although many opt for chrome towel rails. While most view brass to be a quite costly model, towel rail experts say that this type generally works well and is tougher than the stainless steel towel heater, since it does not easily corrode. There are also other heaters made from aluminum and cast iron, which help to create a more traditional look feel to the bathroom.




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