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Your Free Guidebook to Bathroom and Shower Ideas Useful Secrets

Although you may use your bathroom for primarily practical purposes this is not a reason to avoid making an effort to

ensure that this is a pleasant room to spend time in. A comfortable and well laid out bathroom can help you relax after a busy day. There is nothing like a good soak in the bath in a warm, welcoming, well appointed and pleasant room!

Bathroom Design Ideas

We all want different things from a bathroom. Some of us, for example will simply want a bath, toilet and sink with a bit of storage space built in. Others may want to add additional features such as shower, specialist baths or may even want to turn the entire room into a wet room. Modern online and high street bath retailers like Shower mania, allow us to turn our bathrooms into a statement that our parents` generation can only wonder at. From imported Italian and Spanish marble floor and tiling finishes through to designer taps from Germany and luxury linens from across the globe, a modern bathroom can be a truly international affair.

Space is the first issue to think about, particularly if your bathroom is small. Small doesn't mean low impact. It is quite possible to achieve a striking effect with well chosen sanitary ware and finishing touches. Designing the perfect bathroom with limited space can take some time and effort. If you have a larger bathroom then be careful not to make it too impersonal and cold by not putting in enough furniture or by having the suite placed in an unbalanced way. Small or large, remember that bathroom manufacturers and designers can show you a range of different types of fixtures and fittings specifically designed for certain sizes and shapes of bathroom.

It is also important to think about the style and colour of the fixtures and fittings that you choose. Beware over-enthusiastic salespeople pushing that `retro` olive coloured suite. Ten years ago we all saw endless numbers of suites in precisely the same colour in skips lining suburban roads as the white suite became dominant. Think resale value. Think living with it in a year's time. The style that you choose here from the classic to the ultra modern will depend on your personal preference, what you want in the bathroom and how much space you have at the end of the day. Modern or traditional both have their attractions, with high quality offerings in both camps now at an affordable price. Do consider the rest of the house.


It is also important not to forget about bathroom accessories. These can not only make your bathroom feel comfortable but, if well chosen, they can elevate a fairly banal budget suite to new heights. Finally, do remember to factor in the costs of the more expensive single items that you buy as part of a bathroom remodeling project into your overall home insurance value to make sure that you can get the proper coverage if the worst happens.




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