How Americans Celebrated New Year

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New Year’s Day is a nationwide holiday celebrated in almost all the countries of the world on the 1st of January of every year. The customs and traditions vary differently from nation to nation by majority of them celebrate this day by lighting up fireworks, taking part in parades and looking back on the past year while also looking forward towards the upcoming year for future possibilities.

The manner in which the New Year was celebrated in America is not very uncommon from other counties.

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day in America is generally a public holiday with the exception of some states. Most businesses and schools are closed as this is considered as a day off for the general public. The public transportation system does not work or run on their expected schedules.

Traffic jams occur due to a large celebration program being held by a number of people. In short the normal routine life is completely absent on this day in America. At the start of the New Year day, at exact midnight, huge and numerous firework shows were held at many different locations all around America, special events, gatherings and parties were also held which were all also shown on the television.

One of the most special events held on the New Years Eve was the ball drop in the Times Square, in which thousands of people gather in the streets of the Times Square and a ball made up of sparkling crystal and shimmering lights is placed in a long pole. At just one minute before the clock strikes 12 midnight on the 31st of December, the ball is slowly lowered from the pole until it reaches the bottom of the pole and comes to rest precisely at midnight.

This event is broadcasted all around the US and around the world. In the morning almost everyone is free from work as it is a national holiday so people went to attend many different parades held in some cities and towns. Families went to special football games that were being played. Many people made the New Year’s resolution on that day, in which people usually give their word to themselves that they are going to improve their way of living by sorting out their good habits from the bad and try to get rid of the bad ones.

Most commonly people made resolutions to either stop smoking or stopping the excessive consumption of alcohol, to exercise and to lose weight to become healthier. Many people also spend time with their families, mostly which live in a different city or state. Many parties were also held at homes where all the relatives would gather and share their meal under a single roof to bond together with each other.

At night huge family dinners were held and various traditional dishes were served. The New Years food consists of dishes made from Black eyed peas, pork, cabbage and circular shaped foods. A toast for the upcoming year is also help after the meal in each house.