What are 10 places to travel for honeymoon

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Traveling for your honeymoon has a lot of benefits. First of all, you get the opportunity to get away from your family and work. Even though family and work are an integral part of your life but everyone needs a break. It is said that a nice honeymoon can aid stress relief too. In addition, this time spent together by the couple allows them to connect and understand each other better for their future’s sakes.

Following are 10 places you must travel to for your honeymoon:

1.Whimsical Fiji Islands

This is the perfect spot for a newly wed couple to wander hand in hand to celebrate their love. The Whimsical Fiji Islands offer many beaches on which you will love watching the magical sunset behind the sky blue waters together. One activity you will love to do is swimming in the infinite pools with your loved one. Sunbathing by the beach and also getting a relaxing couple spa. There are many fancy,romantic restaurants on the Island where you can satisfy your tastebuds.

2.The incredible Greece

The sky blue waters, beautiful resorts, magical sunsets and sandy beaches welcome you with all excitement. All this magic in one country and that is Greece. Some things you can do there are diving in the clear waters where you can swim through corals, fishes and sea plants.

3.The Barbarian Kenya

An adventurous couple will always look for a honeymoon spot that is something more than just romantic. They will want their honeymoon to be an experience they will never forget. Such couples must add Kenya to their honeymoon list. The vibrant wildlife, the jungle and the nature will make you spellbound.

4.Romance in Morocco

If you fantasise enjoying your honeymoon between the deserts then you should definitely visit Morocco. The sandy white beaches of Atlantic and its clear waters and the Mediterranean cliffs are some places you can visit there.

5.Love vibe of France

France, which is also known as the city of lights, is a must visit for a couple in love. The Eiffel tower is the first place anyone will recommend you to visit as soon as you reach france.

6.Beautiful Turkey

If you love surprises you should definitely go to Turkey. Turkey is full of surprises such as scenic places, relaxing spas, the classic nightlife and many many shopping spots to discover together.

7.Exotic Mauritius

It won’t be wrong to say that Mauritius is heaven on Earth. If you are a couple who loves aquatic animals then you will love going to dolphin and whale watching. You can also cruise around on catamaran.

8.Wild South Africa

South Africa is heaven for nature and beach enthusiasts. You can go for hiking, shark cage diving and visit beaches and national parks.


A couple looking for numerous entertainment options should visit Dubai. You have a lot of shopping options in Dubai too.


This destination is overloaded with fun activities such as sightseeing, wandering through garden of Szent park and much more.